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Blelack Walking Routes

You can see from the map that these walks can be combined or adapted in a number of ways, these walks are simply suggestions. Obviously it depends on the recent weather, but if routes are taken to follow forestry extraction tracks you are unlikely to need wellies. It might be worth taking the below map with you.


Poldhu Wells

A circular route on established forestry roads ; takes ~ 15 minutes.  This walk can be extended to take you out on to the public road which would add 15 minutes to the duration. 

Blelack House

A circular route that takes you back either along the public road towards the lodges from the Dinnet direction; or alternatively back through an alternative forestry road thus ensuring that one didn’t need to meet up with the public road. Walk is on established forestry roads up to Blelack house and doubling back route avoids the road, takes ~ 60 minutes.

Logie Coldstone

A walk taking you up and over the sandy hillock, requires crossing the burn via a log that has been split longitudinally to make a crossing. The route follows a path which in places is fairly steep.  The secret with this walk is to keep faith that it will eventually lead to the village keep the slope on your right hand side until you meet up with the main forest road then progress up the hill again. Ultimately the route takes you out at the north east of the village and you can progress down the road between the houses, through the village and back up past the old saw mill, walk takes ~ 45 minutes.

Blelack Farm / Moss Town

An extension to the aforementioned Blelack house walk that takes up through to the other side of Blelack estate using a quiet country road. This meets up with the main Tarland road and back along to the village of Logie Coldstone, takes  ~2 hours.


A walk, over established roads, that takes you out at the boundary of the estate culminating at an old ruin, the former croft of Allalogie. This route does entail crossing the public road. Takes 1.5 hours.


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