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Interested in beekeeping?

Beekeeping courses available.
15 Mar

Bee courses

Now that Spring is here and the bees are getting busy we are delighted to be able to offer guests  an  insight into practical beekeeping. The courses are all very relaxed and will help you understand the process and practicalities of keeping bees.

We offer the following bee associated sessions with a local beekeeping expert:

An introduction to beekeeping taster session. (2.5 hours long. Cost £55 per person or £100 for a couple)

This involves a visit to the local apiary.  You will be accompanied by a beekeeping expert, who will provide close supervision and detailed explanation throughout your visit.  You will be encouraged to carry out a full inspection of a beehive, giving you hands on practical experience the colony.  You will identify eggs, grubs, brood, workers, drones and, with good luck, the queen.   For those who catch the beekeeping bug there may be opportunities for follow up sessions later in their stay at Cairngorm Lodges. Following a trip to the apiary there will be a honey tasting sessions, with a variety of local honeys to try.

Full protective clothing will be provided for this session. A reading list will be provided.

Assist in the capture and hiving on of a swarm of bees ( Mid May to Mid June) ( Cost £ 65 per person)

We can’t be sure exactly when bees will decide to swarm but if guests staying between mid- May and mid-June let us know they would like to help us capture and hive on a swarm of bees this can be arranged if the bees oblige during your stay. You will help capture a swarm of bees, (it’s not as scary as it sounds!), encourage them into a skep during the day, and smoke them into their new hive in the evening.

Purchase a complete frame of honey (Cost £ 80)

Purchase a complete frame of honey and with our assistance divide it up into beautiful gift boxes ready to impress your friends and family with a gift of cut comb when you return home.

Please contact Sarah if you would like to take part in one of the courses or simply chat through what would be involved in more detail. 

Children are welcome on the courses  but they do need to keep calm and follow instructions.

We appreciate bees aren’t for everyone so please don’t panic …..our bee hives are not located at the lodges themselves.