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Highland Games

Scottish tradition at its finest!
Highland Games
15 Dec

The skirl o’ the pipes


When Highland Games season is upon us locals and visitors alike are drawn to the many Highland Games to watch or even compete in the many competitions. The day begins with the skirl o’ the pipes as pipe bands march through the streets calling folks to join them for the day’s activities. As you would expect bagpipes, kilts and whisky are very much the order of the day and true highland hospitality means you will be made most welcome in the hospitality tents around the games parks. Last year I did have to go and collect one guest who had perhaps over-indulged in highland hospitality…it can happen.  At Lonach they even have a horse and cart at the ready to pick up those highlanders who have had one whisky too many on their march through the glens!

The traditional highland games are taken very seriously and local heavies will pitch against each other in shot put and tossing the caber competitions. Local groups of men, often in full highland dress, will compete in tug-o-war competitions to fiercely defend their position and drag the other team across the line. Great fun to watch….and you will even see The Queen and members of The Royal Family enjoying the entertainment at Braemar Gathering.

Whilst these men are getting their adrenaline pumping there are highland dancing and piping competitions going on around the field to entertain the audiences.

Of course for the seriously fit among us there are hill races to be entered – just finishing is quite an accomplishment if you ask me! Kids races go on at various points throughout the day and young aspiring athletes have the opportunity to win some spending money.

It’s a fantastic day out for all the family.