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Cairngorm Lodges Beehive

30 Nov

Will you bee my keeper?

Beekeeping has recently become popular again after centuries of decline. At Cairngorm Lodges we recognise the hugely important role played by our little pollinating friends and felt that we should be doing our bit to help the plight of the honey bee. It helps too that we have an abundant supply of heather here on Royal Deeside and as any honey connoisseur will tell you Scottish heather honey is hard to beat!  A couple of years ago I embarked on a beekeeping course and had no idea how much I would enjoy beekeeping – definitely hooked for life!

With help and mentoring from the nearby Tarland Bee Group, Cairngorm Lodges acquired their own beehives and started the wonderfully rewarding and amazingly interesting pastime of keeping bees.We are so enthusiastic about beekeeping that we now offer guests at Cairngorm Lodges the opportunity to find out for themselves what beekeeping is all about! Find out more about the courses here

The beekeeping sessions on offer are subject to season and weather –  you can’t open a bee hive in the winter months and bees understandably will be grumpy if we open their hives in rain.

For those of you who might be interested in helping us hive on a swarm, here is one we did earlier… good luck spotting the queen: